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Warm Up Your Job Search with Summer Networking!

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As a recruiting professional, I am constantly hearing job-seekers say that they are considering putting their job search on hold during the summer months. However, after being in the recruitment field for close to 20 years I can personally vouch for the fact that hiring continues to take place in June, July and August. If you are looking for a new career, then taking a “job-search vacation” during this time is simply counterproductive. The best way to find career opportunities is by using a variety of strategies, including networking, research, and by constantly honing your job-searching skills. Networking is nothing…

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Effective Employee Retention Strategies

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When managers put in so much time, effort and training in the hiring, selection and development of employees, staff retention is extremely important. Here are some simple, yet effective ideas that can be incorporated within most organizations to reduce employee turnover: Develop an environment where your employees will feel valuable. Make them feel secure about their job. Get input from them on current and new ideas for the organization. Encourage them to set their own goals and allow the maximum possible autonomy by having them make the right decision themselves. Ensure that they understand that they are not “a number”…

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