Ace Your Interview: How to Stop Stumbling Over Your Words 

Ace Your Interview: How to Stop Stumbling Over Your Words | Recruiting in Motion

The stress of a job interview can make even the most eloquent people feel like they’re not sure what to say. It’s common to stumble over your words, but there are ways to avoid the problem. First, know that it’s not a moral failing or something that could put you out of the running for the job. But there are tips to stop yourself. Here are a few things you can do in your next interview to avoid stumbling over your words and speak more effectively.  

How Do You Stop Stumbling Over Your Words During an Interview?

Don’t Panic 

When we panic, we tend to let our minds go into overdrive, which can affect what we say. Stumbling over words is inevitable if we think faster than we can talk. Of course, the advice of “don’t panic” is often easier said than done. Before your interview, take time to ground yourself, use a power pose to build confidence, and repeat your words of affirmation.  

Slow Down 

If you catch yourself stumbling over your words, take a pause. Slow down. Pauses rarely last as long as we think, so give yourself some grace. Slow down, let your thoughts catch up to what you want to say, and then present it carefully.  

Stay Confident 

You’ve got this. You’ve been preparing for this interview for a while. You have the skills necessary for the job, or they wouldn’t have called you in for the interview. You’re a great candidate, and you can prove that. Stay confident throughout the process, and you’ll find it easier to say what you want.  

Following Up 

If you do happen to stumble over your words in an interview, misspeak, or forget to share something, there is one more step you can take. Add that information in when you send your Thank You email that afternoon or the next day. “When you asked about accounting, I forgot to mention that I have also handled collections reminder calls in the past.”  

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