Ace Your Interview: What To Bring to Your Next Interview 

Ace Your Interview: What To Bring to Your Next Interview | Recruiting in Motion

You’ve been learning how to prepare for a great interview. You’ve considered questions to ask, researched the company, and reviewed your resume. But what about the things you should bring with you to your meeting? Having the right items at your fingertips can help you be prepared and stay on track. Here are the things we recommend bringing with you.  

What Should You Bring to an Interview?

Copies of Your Resume 

While your interviewer should have your resume on hand, it never hurts to have extra copies just in case. Print out a couple, staple pages together, and slip them into your portfolio. That way, if someone doesn’t have it, you can provide it quickly and ensure the process goes smoothly.  

Pen and Notebook 

Employers want to hire people who take the initiative and are willing to listen and learn. Bringing a pen and notebook to take notes when necessary shows them that. Just be careful not to rely on taking notes too much to cause you to be distracted from the conversation. Just write down important things you need to remember.  

Questions for The Interviewer 

You may also want to write down a few questions to ask the interviewer. It’s easy to draw a blank in the middle of a stressful situation, so keeping a few questions will help prompt you when they ask if you have any questions. An example is, “What do you like most about working here?”  

Reference List 

They may not ask about references at this stage, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Be sure to contact your references before giving out their numbers and email addresses so they know they might get a call.  


Having a briefcase or a portfolio shows that you are a professional. It’s better than having a large bag of items you might have to dig through to find what you need. Inexpensive portfolios available online or at office supply stores will give a great first impression when you arrive.  

Breath Mints or Emergency Toothbrush 

If you’re feeling nervous about your breath, be ready ahead of time. Bring breath mints or even one of those emergency single-use toothbrushes. You can quickly freshen your teeth and breath before going into the office. Avoid gum as it can become a challenge to dispose of at the wrong times.  


And don’t forget to bring the directions to the office with you. While many of us rely on GPS, you never know if it will be entirely accurate. Having the directions with you will give you a backup plan if you get lost along the way. 

Are you ready to ace your next interview?

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