Calm and Collected: How to Get Rid of Pre-Interview Jitters

Calm and Collected: How to Get Rid of Pre-Interview Jitters | Recruiting in Motion

It’s normal to be nervous before an interview. They can be scary, but that doesn’t mean you should torture yourself before going into the meeting. There are some ways you can calm your nerves and get rid of your pre-interview jitters to make yourself more confident when interviewing for your next job.

How to Get Rid of The Pre-Interview Jitters

Take Time to Prepare

Knowledge is power. This is true in your interview. The more you know, the better you’ll feel about the situation. Often the thing we are most afraid of is uncertainty. Still, you can avoid that by researching the company, reviewing the LinkedIn profile of the person you’ll be meeting with, and learning about the industry.


If you can, take some time to practice. Ask a friend or family member to review interview questions with you or even roleplaying exercises. Practice in a mirror if you have to. For example, practice your answer for “Tell me about yourself,” so you don’t draw a blank or stumble over what seem like easy details.

Avoid Caffeine

Many of us get our morning energy through coffee, but caffeine is terrible for anxiety levels. Caffeine can make you even more jittery, so if you’re super nervous, you may want to skip your cup that day. Instead, consider a calming tea like chamomile or lavender.

Breathe Deeply

Breathing is a part of every meditation and relaxation style worldwide. And it works. Taking a few moments to breathe deeply before the meeting can help you calm down and be less anxious. Sit for two minutes to take a deep breath, hold it, and blow it out. Then repeat. It will help ease your mind.

Shift Your Focus

If you have a day or two, or longer, before your interview, don’t spend all your time overthinking it. Now is an excellent time to shift your focus to something else to take your mind off of it. Do everything you can to prepare, but then go out with friends, read a book, watch TV, or do whatever else will take your mind off of it.

Harness Your Adrenaline

If you are feeling anxious, you can harness that nervous energy and turn it into something more productive. The same hormones your brain releases when you’re nervous can help you be more positive, energetic, and creative if you embrace them. Use this to your advantage in the interview.

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