How to Work Remotely as an Extrovert 

How to Work Remotely as an Extrovert | Recruiting in Motion

There are a lot of people loving this new normal of working from home. However, extroverts may struggle without the camaraderie of an office environment. But as remote work becomes more common, how can you ensure you strike the right balance as an extrovert working from home. Here are some tips to help you out.  

How Can Extroverts Efficiently Work Remotely?

Change Things Up 

One of the biggest challenges for extroverts is having the same routine day in and day out. To show your mind that you can still engage with multiple environments, change your routine. Work from your desk for a while, then move to the kitchen or the living room. Or work outside on your deck, balcony, or patio. Take your laptop to a local coffee shop to experience the bustle of a crowd.  

Make Plans with Family and Friends 

It can also help to have something to look forward to. Make plans with your friends and family for after work and on weekends. If you have something social to prepare for, it may make your workday go faster. Plan to play in the yard with your kids. Book reservations at a favorite restaurant with friends. Head out to the local watering hole once you’re done working for the day.  

Create a Virtual Water Cooler 

While interacting online isn’t the same as in-person, you can work with the available tools to create something new. With your coworkers, develop a communication method to talk about non-work-related things. This can be a slack channel, Facebook messenger, or email. Like the water cooler, ensure this doesn’t eat into your productivity during the day but is used for mental breaks before returning to work.  

Go Outside 

When you can, get outside while you’re working. This can be an early morning walk or jog before your day starts. Or take your lunch hour out at a nearby park. Or plan for an outdoor activity after work hours. Or, at moments when you’re stuck on a task, take just a few minutes to walk outside and clear your head.  

Work with Your Strengths 

Your extroverted personality is an enormous strength for you professionally. You excel at certain aspects of business, like motivation and initiative. So don’t try to force yourself to fit a mold that isn’t right. Take online quizzes to understand how you can apply your specific strengths to your work and stay motivated and active.  

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