Ace Your Interview: How to Answer, “Why Should We Hire You?”

Job interviews can often drift into unexpected territory. HR managers come up with creative ways to determine whether to hire you. They will ask you hypotheticals, make you solve puzzles, quiz you about your junior-high days – anything to get a read on your experience and work habits. 

But then, in the middle of all this, interviewers can also boil down the hiring process to its essential idea: “why should we hire you?” 

The query is so blunt that it can put you off balance. That’s why it’s so important to think about your answer ahead of time. Knowing your best qualities and the best argument to make for yourself could put you over the top. 

Ready to ace your next interview? Here’s how to answer the common job interview question, “why should we hire you?” 

Prove You’re Qualified 

Start simple. Your potential employer won’t hire you if you don’t meet the minimum requirements for the job. Establish those credentials quickly. Assure them you have what it takes to perform the day-to-day duties. Give examples as needed. 

Outshine the Competition 

Proving your basic qualifications only represents the first step, however. Most, if not all, candidates applying for the position meet the minimum requirements. As a result, you need to go well beyond this rudimentary level. 

What makes you special? How do you stand out in a group of people with the same fundamental resume? These are the type of questions that should get answered during your response. 

Shape Your Answer for the Particular Company 

Each employer is different. As such, don’t rely on a prepackaged response to this question. You probably deliver the same answer every time you hear questions like “what’s your biggest weakness?” Don’t lean on a canned reply here. 

Instead, use what you know about the company to shape your response. Understand what they want most in an employee. Then, provide examples of how you fit into that mold. 

Use What You’ve Learned in the Interview 

In targeting your reply, you can incorporate the information you’ve received during the interview. This will show you have paid attention to the conversation. It will also ensure that your response is as relevant as possible. 

Show Enthusiasm for the Job 

One of the reasons they should hire you is that you’re excited about the job. Of course, this can’t be the only mark in your favor. But, supported by concrete skills and the right background, the right level of enthusiasm can take you over the top. 

Take a Broad View 

Don’t just engage with the specific job under consideration. Communicate how you fit into the larger context. Explain how you match their culture and how you’ll be able to grow with the company over time. 

Mention Your Soft Skills 

Go beyond the specific abilities required for the job. As part of your broader approach, mention your soft skills. This includes competencies like leadership, teamwork, organization, and communication.  

Give Specifics 

For each point, you want to make, give particular examples to back up your claims. Don’t leave things abstract. Instead, show that your past experiences will allow you to excel in the position. 

Answering interview questions can spark anxieties. It helps when you know you’re perfect for a role. Partner with a top recruiter, like Recruiting In Motion, to find jobs ideal for your particular mix of talents. 

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