Confidence is Key! How to Be More Confident at Work 

Confidence is Key! How to Be More Confident at Work | Recruiting in Motion

Have you ever had a bad day at work when you felt like maybe you weren’t good enough to be there? Many of us have experience with imposter syndrome, but sometimes it can continue to affect your work negatively. Building your confidence is vital. How can you become more confident at work when you’re not necessarily feeling up to it? Here are a few things to keep in mind.  

How Can You Be More Confident at Work? 

Stay Focused on Yourself 

It’s easy to get distracted. You might pay more attention to what others are doing or saying, even if it isn’t about you. When you stay focused on yourself, you can avoid some of the traps that can happen in the workplace. Stay away from gossip and ensure you’re doing the best job possible.  

Identify Your Strengths 

There is nothing wrong with knowing your strengths and playing into them. What are your best qualities? Be sure to drive your work toward those places where you excel. When you feel like you’re accomplishing something great, you’ll be much more confident about trying something new.  

Work On Your Weaknesses  

No one is perfect. But it’s not a problem to have a weakness. There is strength in knowing your weaknesses and working on improvements. Don’t specifically avoid things you find difficult. Challenge yourself to make a difference. And never be afraid to ask for help.  

Track Your Success 

Here is a simple exercise that can help you build your confidence. Keep a notebook or journal on your desk. Write it down every time you have a win at work, no matter how small. It can be anything from giving a problematic client a better perspective to receiving a compliment on your project. Whenever you feel uncertain about your worth as an employee, read what you’ve written down.  

Seek Encouragement 

You have a network of people who genuinely want to see you succeed. Talk to your boss about your need for encouragement and positive feedback. They will be more than happy to help provide that for you as it will encourage you to do a great job.  

Have a Positive Attitude 

Sometimes, your attitude is the difference between a good and a bad day. Try to find the positive in things, even when something is challenging. Be kind and friendly to the people around you. Express gratitude whenever you have a chance, and you’ll find that saying thank you can spread positivity in your office or department.  

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