Get Moving! How to Start Searching for Jobs 

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Get Moving! How to Start Searching for Jobs | Recruiting in MotionLooking for a job can be frustrating, but the experience can be more accessible if you have good processes. Now is the perfect time to look for a new position. Here are a few ways to kick off your job search. Follow these steps to help you move forward in your career.  

How Can You Start Searching For Jobs?

Review Your Past Accomplishments 

Before you submit your first application, take a look back at your career and focus on your past accomplishments. What were you good at, and what are you passionate about? These things can help inform the types of positions you apply for and accept in the future.  

Work on Your Resume 

Next, work on your resume to add in your accomplishments, update your dates of employment, and add anything new that will be relevant to potential employers. Your resume is the first impression, so give it a once-over to ensure there are no mistakes.  

Update LinkedIn 

Next, you’ll want to log on to LinkedIn or sign up if you don’t already have an account. LinkedIn is the premier networking platform online for professionals. Hiring managers and recruiters continually expand their networks and will look on LinkedIn before they go elsewhere to find talent.  

Make a List of Ideal Companies 

You don’t need to settle for just any job. Now is the time to focus on what you want to do. Make a list of ideal companies you want to work with. Follow them on social media and interact when you can. You will see new job postings right away and can jump on them.  


Don’t forget to connect with your network. Reach out to former supervisors and coworkers with whom you have positive relationships. Network within your industry and connect to the people you meet. You never know when a connection can lead to an opportunity.  

Plan Your References 

You also want to have your references in place for the next stage of your job hunt. Talk to the people you plan to include, let them know you’re looking for a new job, and ask permission to provide their contact information to companies.  

Apply with Recruiting in Motion 

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