How to Make Teamwork Work 

How to Make Teamwork Work  | Recruiting in Motion

Is collaboration the best way to drive productivity? Even big companies like Microsoft say that teamwork isn’t the most efficient way to achieve results, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. It’s believed that a shift in how we collaborate and manage that process will help teams work together more successfully. Here’s how.  

How Can You Make Teamwork Work in Your Organization? 

Improve Communication  

The heart of good teamwork is communication. When your collaborators aren’t clear about the steps and the progress, it can be hard to work effectively or efficiently. Lead by example and ensure that your team is communicating clearly at every step of the way. You can facilitate this by having weekly check-ins with your team and providing people are on the same page.  

Set Boundaries 

Collaboration can be essential, but not if it interferes with what needs to be accomplished. For example, there will be some aspects of any project best handled by one person. If the collaborative nature of your workplace means that other people will want to be involved, you may need to establish boundaries around when and where teamwork is best used.  

Lean Into Strengths 

Teamwork can be a great tool, but not if you’re forcing square pegs into round holes; instead of insisting everyone do an equal portion of the project, split duties based on professional strengths. In this process, you can also give people the work they enjoy and are excited about, further facilitating collaboration.  

Understand Personality Differences 

It’s also important to know that not everyone on your team thinks the same way. It could be as broad as extroverts and introverts. While an extrovert will thrive in a collaborative environment where they must interact with multiple people regularly, an introverted employee will wither under the exact expectations. Know that not everyone working for you has the same mindset, and work with them, not against them.  

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