8 Questions to Determine If You Have a Seamless Hiring Process

By September 11, 2020 Blog No Comments

Self-reflection is important. This fact applies as much to corporate recruiting policy as it does to personal growth. In order to create a seamless hiring process, you need to ask yourself hard questions. 

To improve, you have to look hard at what you’re doing and understand how to get better. You need to know what questions to ask to determine if you have a seamless hiring process. Highlighting some of the key lessons included in our comprehensive eBook on the future of the recruiting industry, here are eight questions you should ask yourself to take your recruiting to the next level: 

Are Your Job Postings Easy to Find?

To get the best talent, you need to get the word out about your open positions. This means using every tool at your disposal. Place job postings prominently on your own webpage. Use social media to spread the word. Leverage your current employees to help get referrals. And, of course, use the appropriate job posting sites to gather resumes as well. 

Can Your Application Be Completed in 15 Minutes or Less?

The best candidates have other options. That’s what defines them as top talent. If you make the process of applying too difficult, you are likely to scare away people who can turn to other less time-consuming job prospects. As such, keep your initial application as simple as possible. You’ll use this information to trim the list to your favorite prospects, and you can get further information from them down the road. 

Do You Quickly Set Expectations for Your Candidates?

Immediately after they complete your application, candidates should receive their first message from you. This quick response should set a tone. At the same time, it should detail the process that will follow, creating expectations regarding the upcoming recruitment procedures. You can use automated responses to keep these lines of communications going, helping ease the natural anxieties that most job seekers feel after submitting their resumes. 

Do You Have Flexible Interview Scheduling?

Don’t limit your choices by making it difficult for some applicants to take part in the recruitment process. Your best candidates might have current positions or other responsibilities that they fill during the day. Therefore, provide flexible scheduling options for interviews. Have slots available after five, or during the weekend. Also, use video interview technology to create geographic flexibility as well. 

Are You Ready for Every Interview?

You expect your candidates to show up for interviews on time and ready to go. Apply those same standards to yourself. If you get sloppy about interviews, even occasionally, you risk the possibility of missing out on your best option. 

Do You Keep Your Candidates Informed About the Process?

For candidates, the recruitment process can often seem like a black box. Each company sets a different timeline and follows its own rhythm. It can be confusing and disorienting. Try to limit this alienating experience by clearly informing your applicants about what is happening and what they can expect as the procedure unfolds. 

Do You Maintain Communication Throughout the Process?

Have you noticed a theme about communication? Well, it continues here… 

The hiring process can unfold over a matter of weeks. Remember: your applicants are largely in the dark during most of this time. Do what you can to keep them informed. Periodically update them about the timeline and their status as a potential hire. Otherwise, your top picks might get frustrated and move on to other opportunities. 

Does the Overall Experience Reflect Well on Your Company, Your Culture, and Your Brand?

The hiring process represents aintroduction to your culture. For every new employee, it provides the first impression they have of your company. You want it to provide a fitting introduction to a could be a long, fruitful relationship. 

There is always room to improve your recruitment procedures. Asking yourself challenging questions allows you to get better over time. It also helps to include an outside perspective. By teaming with a top staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion, you can further perfect your hiring process. 

Contact Recruiting In Motion today to find out more and check out our in-depth eBook detailing the future of the recruiting industry.