Why a Good Company Culture Reduces Turnover 

Why a Good Company Culture Reduces Turnover | Recruiting in Motion

Company culture has been a top talking point for employers. It is all about how to attract talent to your workforce and ensure career satisfaction. Good company culture can also improve retention and reduce turnover. Here are some reasons why good company culture is so important and how to make changes in your organization.  

How Could Good Company Culture Reduce Turnover?

What is Company Culture?  

At its most basic level, the company culture is about the attitudes and behaviors of everyone working with the organization from the top down. Culture is about the mission and vision, the shared values, and the way people choose to communicate and work together. Sometimes, it can be difficult to discern good and toxic cultures when you’re too close to the situation.  

How to Spot Bad Company Culture 

When a company culture is not so great, there can be many red flags, including:  

  • Poor communication 
  • No team bonding 
  • Lack of motivation  
  • No recognition for good work 
  • Lack of direction  
  • Bad reputation outside of the company 

Bad culture can also lead to a phenomenon called “scope creep.” This is when the requirements of any given job or project change without considering what will be more effective and efficient.  

How to Create a Good Company Culture 

It can be easy to see that one way to improve culture is to review your current situation and make positive improvements to anything that may be contributing to a hostile culture. Other ways to improve include asking for employee feedback, encouraging good work/life balance, being clear about expectations, and providing the right tools and resources for your team to succeed. A dedicated mission and vision that people are excited about buying into can help. Make their experience at the company matter.  

Employee Retention and Company Culture 

When employees are engaged and satisfied with their jobs, they are far more likely to stay. In a toxic culture, people may turn over regularly. If you see increased attrition rates, you may want to reevaluate your culture. People don’t specifically leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses and negative cultures. By making these improvements, you’ll find employees much more engaged and hiring even easier.  

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