You Should Have An Employee Appreciation Program In 2020

By January 7, 2020 Blog No Comments

If you don’t already have an employee appreciation program in place, 2020 presents the perfect opportunity to start. A New Year, a new way to improve relationships with your team members.

You might consider an official employee appreciation program unnecessary. However, a more formalized process can lead to better results and a less haphazard approach. It will also turn your everyday respect and recognition into a more organized system.

Here are some of the specific benefits you can get from implementing an employee appreciation program in 2020:

Increases Retention

The hiring process is expensive and time-consuming. When you lose someone important to your organization, it can put all your plans on hold. As such, do everything within reason to keep your best employees. Make them feel appreciated, and they are likely to stay with you for the longer-term.

Bolsters Morale

Employee appreciation programs work to improve the mood in the office. This may seem like a matter of good vibes – a nice thing to have, but not something that contributes to the bottom line. On the contrary, high morale bolsters output and feeds productivity.

Improves Team Cohesion

Morale doesn’t just work on an individual basis. It also impacts relations between your employees. Teamwork runs on trust and communication. If these break down, it’s difficult to push larger projects to completion. Maintaining high employee sentiment makes these team projects proceed more smoothly and ultimately leads to a higher level of success.

Boosts Productivity

When you think of incentives, you probably think of things like raises and bonuses. You know, things that are costly. However, some incentives don’t require a notable outlay of cash. Recognition and appreciation are similar to a pat on the back, encouraging workers to put in their best efforts. Meanwhile, even a formal employee appreciation program costs much less to implement than a series of raises or bonuses would.

Helps Innovation

You likely want employees to share their ideas. For this to happen, team members need to know that their ideas will be heard and treated with respect… in other words, that they will be appreciated. You can see where this is going. An employee appreciation program will encourage the exchange of ideas, as your workers feel more comfortable presenting their brainstorms in a positive and rewarding environment. This, in turn, will speed innovation.

Improves Your Company’s Brand

Your current and former employees are key to creating a meaningful corporate brand. When they are happy with their experiences at your organization, they will spread the word on sites like Glassdoor. This makes it easier to hire and keep top talent.

An employee appreciation program helps create an atmosphere that promotes this employer “brand building”. Even when a team member leaves, they will still speak highly of you as they move through the rest of their career.

Employee appreciation gets much easier to implement when you have employees who, well… deserve appreciation. Having the top talent in place creates a dynamic and growth-oriented environment. An industry-leading staffing firm, like Recruiting In Motion, can bring you the type of workers who will nurture this successful atmosphere.

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