How Can You Bring a Positive Attitude to Your Team


Every workplace has to maintain a professional, productive atmosphere. However, that doesn’t mean that working should be dour or devoid of energy. In fact, a positive attitude can lead to significantly better outcomes for your team. By instilling an upbeat spirit to the office, you can boost productivity and accelerate innovation. 

Seem like the kind of dreamy talk you’d expect from business gurus and certain TED Talks? Not quite. The idea that a positive attitude can improve performance has hard evidence on its side.  

According to Harvard Business Review, positivity in the workplace leads to better business outcomes. The conclusion was based in part on a study that showed that suggested that positive practices unlock higher levels of organizational performance. 

The data suggest that a positive attitude can reverberate throughout your company. You get small boosts in a wide variety of areas, leading to an overall significant boost to your operations. Here are just some of the specific ways an upbeat environment can improve your team’s effectiveness: 

  • Stronger Communication 
  • Enhanced Team Dynamics 
  • Improved Retention 
  • Higher Productivity 

What’s more, once you instill an optimistic, confident attitude among your employees, the benefits ripple beyond your organization. The good vibes carry over into interactions with customers and partners.  

You can boost your business with an injection of positivity. But how? How to create an upbeat, energized workplace? Here are a few tips: 

Set the Tone

Your team’s positivity will start with you. Check your mood. Do you provide an upbeat atmosphere? Do you meet challenges with optimism and resolve? 

Answering “yes” to these questions can be harder than it sounds. When stakes get high and deadlines get short, tempers tend to flare. It’s up to you to stay in control of your emotions and set an example for everyone else. 

Encourage Regular Two-Way Feedback

It’s hard to feel a positive vibe in a dictatorship. You have to remain the prime decision-maker for your team. But delegating authority and remaining open to feedback can significantly boost morale. It helps you create an innovative and collaborative culture. This, in turn, will promote a positive atmosphere. 

Be Responsive

Take communication a step further. Don’t just allow your employees to air their ideas. Listen to them. Be responsive to your team members’ needs. Make sure they maintain a healthy work/life balance. At the same time, provide them with the tools and support they need to perform their duties at the highest level. 

Build Relationships

A positive environment is easier to nurture in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. The more you know about your team, and the more they know about each other, the easier it will be to maintain an upbeat attitude. This is especially true during times of stress. You can make this possible by encouraging strong bonds within your team. 

Hire Positive People

It’s easier to generate positive interactions when you have the right people in place. When you hire, take attitude into account. Consider culture and team chemistry, making these traits a key focus from early in the recruitment process. Staffing your company with optimistic, upbeat people will let you tap into new levels of production and innovation. 

How do you find this type of employee? Teaming with the right recruiter, like Recruiting In Motion, can help. They have the expertise and industry know-how to maximize your hiring decisions. 

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