The Ultimate Checklists – Job Searching & Hiring Talent

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Whether you’re looking for a new job or you’re looking to hire for a job, it can be hard to keep track of all the steps you should take to do so effectively.

Well, Recruiting in Motion is here to give you a hand!

Here are the ultimate checklists for a successful job search and/or hunt for a new employee.

Job Search
⌧ Think about what you want your new role to look like – tasks involved, salary and company culture

Make a list of companies that align with your desired career objectives

⌧ Continue to check online job postings and social media sites for open positions

Connect with your personal contacts in your desired field to tap into the hidden job market

Seek out and take advantage of any potential networking opportunities

⌧ Make sure your LinkedIn/social media profiles are up to date and professional

Keep your resume up to date and customize your resume for each individual job for which you’re applying

⌧ Before an interview, research the company and think of a few questions to ask about the role and/or the organization

⌧ REMEMBER: A curated, specific job search is more effective than sending applications to every job you see online

Hiring Talent
⌧ Develop a thorough list of tasks involved in the available position, and the skills and experience a candidate requires to successfully take it on

⌧ Establish a comfortable budget for the position

⌧ Find an expert recruiter to help move forward your hiring process

Work with a recruiter to establish a good plan to find the right candidate(s) for the position

⌧ Think about the candidate you want to attract and post your job in the right place that attracts your desired candidates

⌧ Take the time to develop a list of interview questions that allow you to effectively evaluate each candidate and include questions about them personally and their relevant experience

⌧ Work with your team to establish any required portfolio pieces or knowledge tests required for the position, and include additional colleagues who should be involved in the interview process

REMEMBER: Above and beyond the skills and job experience of a candidate, think about finding the best candidate that fits into your company’s culture